13 + 1 Frequently Asked Questions about Decorative Synthetic Grass

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13 + 1 Frequently Asked Questions about Decorative Synthetic Grass








1. Can I use synthetic turf on tha balcony or on the terrace?


Of course you can! Easy and fast; Just make sure there is space in the drain passage. The lawn has drainage holes, which allow water to drain into the drainage trays of your space, thus avoiding the creation of moisture.


2. Can I place it on various surfaces?


Of course. It can be applied to soil, cement, tiles and any surface you think of. However, follow the instructions found at IN & OUT Store and make sure there are drainage passages.


3. How can we clean the lawn?


Brush regularly, remove any dirt and clean it with water. Follow the instructions found at IN & OUT Store.


4. How flammable is the lawn material?


This depends on the type and quality of the lawn. At IN & OUT Store you will also find lawns with a high degree of protection.


5. Is the adhesive likely to get off the ground?


If you have made the correct seam connections and follow the installation instructions carefully the chances are low. When you use the right materials, this will not happen.


6. Will it be destroyed in winter? 


No, Even in extreme conditions, if you clean it properly the synthetic turf will have absolutely no problem. 


7. Will the sun spoil the color?


The lawns are made of high quality yarn and can withstand sunlight under normal conditions. Most lawns have up to 7 years warranty.


8. Can I collect it in the winter?


The lawns are made to withstand outdoor conditions and you do not need to gather them in winter.


9. Is it recycled?


Depending on the type and quality, part or all of the lawn can be recycled.


10. Are they suitable for placement near a swimming pool?


ΕIt depends on the type of lawn. However, in general the pool water with the right amount of chlorine does not cause any damage.


11. Is it suitable for playgrounds and is the child dangerous to hit? 


Lawns for playgrounds are a special type with a higher weight and larger pile which protects against minor injuries. 


12. In the summer will anyone be able to walk barefoot or burn?


It is a material like all things placed on the floor and its surface is affected by the outside temperature in the same way. Therefore, if placed in high exposure areas the sun will warm accordingly, but in any case it will be less unpleasant than contact with tile, cement or other building material.


13. Can seawater spoil the synthetic turf?




13 + 1. Is it suitable for playing football or other sport?


There are special lawns for such use.



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