Vinyl floors are ideal for professional use, while being an economical choice. They are suitable for corridors and hotel rooms, offices, stores. These floors offer partial sound proofing, resist moisture and stress and are easy to clean.

Vinyl floors are available in a wide variety of color shades. With sophisticated design, excellent wear resistance, pleasant acoustics, easy care and maintenance, vinyl floors are an easy choice for any space. 

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Alluminum in PVC

One of the most classic designs for professional floors. Alluminium in PVC vinyl floor is available..

3.90€ /sqm

Bolle in PVC

One of the most popular and used floor designs. The circular motif on Bolle's surface is the most p..

3.90€ /sqm

Expoline Wood

With Expoline Wood you will have a wood image with all the advantages of vinyl floor: low cost to b..

6.80€ /sqm

Expoline Chips

Professional vinyl floor Expoline Chips is suitable for commercial and moderate industrial use. Ava..

7.20€ /sqm

Techno Safe

This professional floor Techno Safe is suitable for commercial and industrial spaces and offers uni..

7.30€ /sqm

Essentials 300

Having a thickness of 3.0 mm and being availablein 4 different shades professional vinyl flooring Es..

7.50€ /sqm

Zig Zag

Zig Zag is a vinyl floor suitable for business premises. With zig zag slit design, it offers slip r..

7.83€ /sqm


Professional vinyl floor Elegance will transform your space. With 8 unique shades, measuring 15 met..

8.00€ /sqm


With thickness of 3.8mm and 11 different shades, professional vinyl floor Dynasty will “take off” y..

8.50€ /sqm


With 16 superb shades and thickness of 3.6mm, Santana professional vinyl floor offers you endless o..

9.20€ /sqm


With 3 available dimensions (2 x 25, 3 x 25 and 4 x 25) and 23 unique shades, Ambient professional ..

10.90€ /sqm


Vinyl floor Xtreme is made for extreme situations and is therefore suitable for heavy commercial an..

12.60€ /sqm


Professional vinyl floor Rally offers anti-slip protection, proper drainage of fluid and comfort un..

19.30€ /sqm

Super Rally

With 16 colors, 6 meters long and 1.20 meters wide, professional vinyl Super Rally is an ideal choi..

24.03€ /sqm