The professional carpet runners allow you to mold your space with elegance while ensuring cleanliness and comfort in areas with frequent traffic.

The carpet runners connect the entrance mat with the carpet or floor you have in other areas of your business in the most ideal way. This creates a natural flow, followed by your visitors, who enjoy the comfort you offer them.

Five unique series of carpet runners to choose the type that suits you best. With thickness from 5mm to 13.5mm, 3 different dimensions and a wide variety of colors, the in-and-out carpet runners cover every need of yours.

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Dover WV

Thickness: 5mm. Weight: 1310 gr/sq. Substrate: WB. The professional carpet runners Dover WV are the..

10.30€ /sqm

Matador/Oceanfront P

Thickness: 8mm, Weight: 2780 gr./sq., Substrate: PVC. A professional carpet runner for indoor ..

13.90€ /sqm

Melbourne PC

Thickness: 6mm, Weight: 2720 gr/sq., Substrate: PVC. A carpet runner for indoor use for entran..

13.95€ /sqm

Sheffield PC

Thickness: 6mm, Weight: 2720 gr/sq, Substrate: PVC. The carpet runners Sheffield are one of the mos..

13.95€ /sqm

Houston WB

Thickness: 10,8mm. Weight: 2400 gr./sq. Substrate: WB. The carpet runners Houston WB are suitable f..

15.40€ /sqm

Hercules WB

Thickness: 13,5mm. Weight: 2640 gr/sq. Substrate: WB. The carpet runners Hercules WB are the perfec..

16.00€ /sqm

Delhi Crum

Thickness: 11,5mm. Weight: 4070 gr/sq. Substrate: PVC. With the professional carpet runners Delhi C..

17.00€ /sqm


Thickness: 8,8mm. Weight: 3560 gr./sq. Substrate: PVC. The professional carpet runners Monaco offer..

29.30€ /sqm

Alba PC           

Thickness: 7,5mm. Weight: 3450 gr/sq. Substrate: PVC. The professional carpet runners ALBA PC allow..

29.40€ /sqm

Veco PC

Thickness: 9 mm - Weight: 3890 gr/sq. Substrate: PVC. The professional carpet runners Veco PC that ..

37.00€ /sqm