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Have not yet decided whether to use artificial or natural grass in your garden? Since the quality of the artificial grass in recent years is clearly improved and looks like natural grass, your decision on which one to choose will be adjudged by several key points. See the rich collection of artificial...

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New website

Our company welcomes you to its renewed online presence. Browse our product categories; see their properties and detailed descriptions. Moreover, you can edit the graphic part in selected items to place the logo, text or visual insert of your choice. We are at your disposal for any detail or clarification.

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Placing synthetic turf in soil

The placement of the synthetic turf can be done by a qualified technician or even yourself, if you like this kind of jobs and you are skillful. It is not a particularly difficult process and does not take much time. Below, see simple steps for putting synthetic turf - artificial lawn into soil:   Step...

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