Scraper mats with logo are a great way to promote your business and give prestige, whether you lay them inside the building or at the front door. Do not forget that the entrance is the first thing your visitor sees and so you have to create the best first impression.

In in-and-out we use a wide range of colors to ensure faithful reproduction of any logo, brand name or product name. It is suitable for hotels, lodgings, stores, offices, public buildings, boats, apartment buildings and much more.

Procedure for the selection of a scraper mat:
1) You select the quality you want
2) You select the base color (background)
3) You send us electronically the model in .pdf format, .jpg (if there is no electronic file - we can create it for you at extra charge)
4) We electronically send you the visualization - applied to the base color you have chosen and let you know about the exact final cost
5) After your approval and the corresponding deposit of the price we proceed to production

Important note: Your scraper mat with your logo has been created for you only, it will be sold to you only and it cannot be returned. The only case for such return is an obvious failure in production.

Delivery time: 30 days (in September / February the delivery time is longer).

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Spaghetti Rally Mosaic

Thickness: 15 mm - Weight: 4500 gr/sq. Price range per sq.: 226,85 € - 305,56 €The price p..

137.50€ /sqm


Thickness: 9 mm - Weight: 3000 gr/sq. Prime entrance mats will host your logo or quote with 25dpi i..

162.75€ /sqm


Thickness: 9 mm  - Weight: 3000 gr/sq. With the Exclusive entrance mats you will create t..

166.67€ /sqm

Lux Turf

Thickness: 10,3 mm - Weight: 3550 gr./sq. Lux Turf scraper mat is made of synthetic turf, it is sub..

245.10€ /sqm

Moquette Mosaic

Thickness: 10-13mm. Moquette mosaic scraper mat is of 10 and 13 mm thickness and it is available in..

250.00€ /sqm

Cocco Mosaic

Thickness: 17 mm. Weight: 6300 gr/sq. Cocco Mosaic entrance mats are available in 3 different sizes ..

296.30€ /sqm

Spaghetti Super Rally Mosaic

Thickness: 14,3 mm - Weight: 4500 gr/sq. Spaghetti Mosaic entrance mats will host your logo or quote..

305.56€ /sqm