Placing synthetic turf in soil

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Placing synthetic turf in soil



The placement of the synthetic turf can be done by a qualified technician or even yourself, if you like this kind of jobs and you are skillful. It is not a particularly difficult process and does not take much time. Below, see simple steps for putting synthetic turf - artificial lawn into soil:


Step 1.

Remove the herbs and weeds from the surface you want to place the synthetic lawn.


Step 2.

Grind the soil, digging the soil to a depth of about 5 cm. The lawn should protrude about one centimeter from the surface of the ground. After milling straighten the ground with a roller.


Step 3.

By using soil covering fabric, you prevent the growth of unwanted vegetation. When the place is too shady you may want to avoid this step.


Step 4.

Lay over the fabric of sea sand, rivers or even construction. If you have plants around, avoid sea sand. Create a homogeneous, flat substrate that will provide stability and help absorb water. Sprinkle lightly with water.


Step 5. 

Place the synthetic turf. Be careful if you use different pieces of the same lawn that the fibers are always in the same direction so that they do not look like patches later. Stretch the roll so that it is on the ground.



Step 6.

Remove unnecessary parts with a knife. The lawn is easily cut, use a thin board as a ruler to cut straight and cut from the side of the substrate (black surface).



Step 7.

If you use more than one piece of the same synthetic lawn, they should always be placed at the same direction with the fibers placed next to each other (not one above the other). The different pieces should be glued together using tape and polyurethane adhesive (alternatively if the surface is small you can also use adhesive tape). Use fasteners at both ends and joint points of different pieces. Wait 8 hours for the adhesive to dry. Materials and accessories for placing the synthetic turf can be found at IN&OUT store.


Step 8.

After three days, brush with a wire broom to lift the fibers of the lawn. Optionally, you can apply sand over the lawn and brush again. 



Tools and materials you will need for mounting the synthetic turf:


Shovel, wheelbarrow, rake, roller (or a flat wooden board), sand, textile, hammer, wire broom, knife, staple tape, polyurethane glue, adhesive spatula, gloves, fasteners.


Wish you the best result!

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