Laying the synthetic lawn is a simple and quick process, especially if you plan to place the artificial grass on a cement or paved surface. In this case, the procedure is as follows:

- We lay the lawn.

- Where necessary we cut from the side of the substrate with a cutter.

- Next to it we put the next piece - in the direction of the fibers in the same direction - and continue until we cover the entire surface.

- We tie the pieces together with a double-sided tape


If the ground is not paved or plane, you should follow the following procedure:

- Level the surface.

- Lay the ground cover cloth in order to prevent the occurrence of plants or weeds.

- Cover the fabric with a thin layer of fine gravel and / or sand and create a homogeneous substrate.

- Apply the synthetic lawn and stick or attach with the special connectors

For laying, you will need a cutter, lawn connectors, joint tape, double sided tape

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