Artificial grass offer great advantages, such as: they cost less, there is no need for maintenance, they save you money by not consuming water or expenses for grooming, pesticides or mowing, they are placed easily and quickly.

The synthetic grass (artificial grass) that in-and-out offers you are of high-standards and ideal for commercial space such as hotels, lodgings, rented houses, offices, shops, apartment buildings, gardens, balconies, verandas or even playgrounds.

At the in-and-out you will find a huge range (of grass) of different thickness, weight and composition in order to choose the most suitable for you.

LAYING: Laying is a simple and quick procedure, especially if you are laying artificial grass onto a cement or paved surface. Otherwise you should level the ground. For laying, you will need a cutter, double-sided tape, stapling tape and ground cover fabric.

DIMENSIONS: The synthetic grass of are available into 2 dimensions: with a width of 4 meters X a length of 25 meters and with a width of 2 meters X a length of 25 meters. (Please Note: It is possible to convert the roll dimensions to desired dimensions at an additional cost which is calculated on a case-by-case basis).

PRICES: The price quoted refers to 1 square meter and does not include VAT.

DELIVERY: Grass are delivered within 15-20 days following the order. Deliveries within Attica are made by, free of charge. Deliveries outside Attica are made by an agency of your choice. 

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Nature 25 New

Nature 25

Thickness: 25mm - Weight: 2150 gr/sq. - Available. The width of the roll is 4 meters. For ..

6.00€ /sqm

Viper 25

Have you ever tried to use artificial grass, yet the result did not satisfy you? Artificial lawn Vi..

7.20€ /sqm

Marbella 26

Thickness: 26mm - Weight: 1455 gr./sq. – The synthetic lawn Marbella is an economical sol..

7.50€ /sqm
Nature 35 New

Nature 35

Thickness: 35mm - Weight: 2400 gr/sq. - Available. The width of the roll is 4 meters. For ..

7.50€ /sqm

Viper 30

The synthetic grass Viper 30 is one of the most economical solutions of in-and-out. Viper 30 is eco..

7.85€ /sqm

Iseo 30

Thickness: 30mm - Weight: 1797 gr/sq. - Iseo 30 Artificial Grass is fine solution to dress some..

7.95€ /sqm

Irene 25

Thickness: 25mm - Weight: 1515 gr./sq. – The synthetic lawn Irene is one of the most economica..

8.00€ /sqm

Phoenix 27

Thickness: 27mm - Weight: 1707 gr./sq. – The synthetic grass Phoenix 2715 comes out in rolls of thi..

9.75€ /sqm

Tiger 40

Thickness: 38mm - Weight: 2396 gr/sq. - Available. The width of the roll is 2 meters. For ..

9.75€ /sqm

Escada 30

Thickness: 30mm - Weight: 1735 gr./sq. - Escada is an intermediate solution for dressing up in..

10.40€ /sqm

Phoenix 35

Thickness: 35mm - Weight: 1947 gr./sq. - The growing demand for artificial grass is not only due to..

10.70€ /sqm

Touche 30

Thickness: 30mm - Weight: 1995 gr./sq. – The synthetic lawn Touche with a pile thickness of 30..

12.40€ /sqm

Glamour 40

Thickness: 40mm - Weight: 3173 gr/sq. - Glamor 40 is a top but affordable option. Exactlylike  ..

13.00€ /sqm

Lupo 30

Thickness: 30mm - Weight: 2185 gr./sq. – A perfect imitation of grass for use in any outdoor area. ..

13.40€ /sqm

Impala 35

Thickness: 35mm - Weight: 2124 gr./sq. -  Wouldn’t you like a lawn with a natur..

13.70€ /sqm